Why you need to control your blood sugar?

Guest post is provided by Cellan. EGCG found in abundance in green tea helps to reduce blood sugar and Cellan Diet Pills provide your body with EGCG.

Blood sugar or blood glucose is used interchangeably to explain sugar that is in our blood that supplies energy to cells. Human body digests carbohydrates into glucose and converts it to energy that we need to operate our body. Sugar is generated from the food we eat and maintaining a healthy level of sugar in the blood is important. Immediately after we eat our blood sugar level goes up and as the time goes it comes down due to cell activity. Continued level of higher than normal blood sugar concentration is known as hyperglycemia and this situation could lead to diabetes, heart disease, blindness, renal disease, erectile dysfunction, ulcers and many other illnesses. This is why monitoring and controlling blood sugar level is important for everyone regardless of any underlying medical condition. Many people use supplements such as Cellan Diet to maintain optimum blood sugar level. One of the key ingredient that has been proven effective in controlling blood sugar is EGCG, a compound found in abundance in green tea and Cellan Diet Pills contains 100 percent green tea extract.

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