Truth about leptin

Guest post is provided by Cellan Pills. Leptin, a hormone that signals the brain to maintain a healthy life style and Cellan Pills is rich in ingredients that help to maintain low leptin level in your body.

Leptin is a hormone that is produced by the body that affects body weight, increase metabolism, thyroid function, stress, mental capabilities, inflammation, immunity, cardiovascular health and affects reproductive function. Leptin helps to communicate with the brain. If the leptin levels are low, then the fat metabolism in your body is in high gear. Conversely, high levels lead to low fat metabolism. Therefore, individuals with lower leptin levels are at risk for obesity due to lack of brain signal generation.

So, there is no food that generates low or high level of leptin in your body. Instead you need to concentrate on maintaining a low level of leptin in the body. Studies suggest omega-3 fatty acids rich fish and flax seed helps to increase the leptin sensitivity in your body. Avoiding high carbohydrates, starches and highly processed foods can also help. Supplement such as Cellan Diet Pills can help to improve the leptin sensitivity due to ingredients such as African mango and green tea extract.

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