Choosing Healthy Fast Food

Article written by Working health remedies

Fast food is cheap and convenient but unfortunately most of the fast food options that are available are not exactly healthy.  Most fast food is not only loaded with calories but sodium and fat as well.


There are a few tips you can follow however in order to make healthy choices at fast food restaurants.  When you are looking at the menu selections it is important to pay special attention to the menu descriptions.  Anything that is labeled with words like breaded, scalloped, deep fried, batter dipped, pan fried, creamy, Alfredo or crispy most of the time means that these foods are high in sodium, fats or calories.  Instead look for menu items with more fruits, vegetables or lean meats.


One of the biggest sources of calories at fast food places is soda.  A large soda can have as many as 425 calories.  So skip the soda and order water with a lemon wedge or unsweetened iced tea.


Another huge calorie source is the dressings that you add to your fast food.  Dressings such as sour cream, spreads, dressings and cheese are packed with calories and fat.  Instead, opt for ketchup or mustard.


There are certain things you should completely steer clear of at fast food joints.  Skip the supersized meals.  Opt for a smaller portion and order a side salad instead of French fries.  Stay clear of adding bacon to your burger.  While it may add extra flavor, bacon is also high in calories and fat and offer little to no nutrients.  If you need to add more flavors to your burger, order the burger with extra tomatoes, pickles or lettuce instead.

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