Cardio vs Aerobic Exercise – What You Need to Know

Article written by Get your body healthy

If you aren’t able to do both cardio as well as aerobic exercise, don’t worry. In truth, you are actually doing both even if both these types of exercise have different origins.

In fact, not only can these terms be used as a substitute for each other but they also offer the same benefits too.

Simply put, both these types of exercises improve your heart rate while also increasing your oxygen intake too.

It must be pointed out that you really cannot try one exercise without simultaneously performing the other.

There is no other way you can pump up your respiration rate by making your heart pump harder other than performing these exercises.

Another term that can put paid to the confusion one might have about cardio and aerobic exercise is that they both can be classified as endurance exercise.

Yet if you look at these types of exercise from a technical standpoint, aerobic exercise promotes greater oxygen intake while cardio exercise is the type that seeks to improve a greater heart rate.

However, as mentioned earlier, both these types seek to achieve the same results. What is also apparent is that you cannot achieve either of these results on their own.

It’s all or nothing, really.

That said, if you still think there is a difference between the two, then you should try certain sports that fall into either category such as jogging, swimming, dancing, playing tennis or even bicycling for an extended period of time.

Of course, the intensity and duration of these types of exercise will determine how much of a workout you’ve gotten.