What Is Telemedicine?

Article provide by Francis Dunn, Miami, FL

Most people will make an appointment with their doctor when they feel ill. But in-person appointments come with additional costs in terms of taking time off work, travel costs, securing childcare, and time wasted in waiting rooms. Additionally, in-person doctor’s visits come with the added risk of contracting Covid-19 or any other contagious illness. In after-hour situations, patients might have to head to an urgent care clinic, although they may only need clarification and reassurance regarding their symptoms.

Advances in technology and at-home medical devices have helped to expand patient and doctor care options, providing healthcare anywhere at any time. Telemedicine involves consultations that are done using video or audio calls in the comfort of your home.

Online consultations are similar to physical appointments as they will involve the patient discussing their symptoms and history in real-time through video, online portals, and email. During these consultations, patients will receive their diagnosis, learn their treatment options, and receive a prescription. Patients can also provide their doctor with current details about their medical health by using monitors that provide information on blood pressure, blood sugar, heart rate, and other health indicators.

There are three common types of telemedicine:

Interactive medicine – This involves live chats between doctors and patients.

Remote patient monitoring – This involves monitoring patients using mobile equipment that collects data regularly.

Store and forward – This area of telemedicine allows for healthcare providers to share patient information with specialists and professionals.

However, Telemedicine is best for minor health concerns or the treatment of chronic conditions. They are not appropriate for emergencies like a heart attack, stroke, cuts, or broken bones that require in-person medical care.

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