Spa Treatments for Weight Loss

Article by Herb Kimble.

If you’ve been on a healthy diet and an exercise regime and still need to lose a few pounds, you may be surprised to know that there are some spa treatments that can aid weight loss. Here are the most popular spa treatments for weight loss.

Body wraps – Body wraps will help your body expel excess fluid and help you lose inches all over your body. Slimming body wraps are available at many spas, and they usually take measurements before and after the treatment, to show their clients how many inches they have lost after one treatment.

Abdominal massage – Asian Massage parlors offer abdominal massages, and they assist weight loss by promoting healthy digestion and reducing fluid retention. Abdominal massages are best for those who prefer less invasive treatments compared to colonic irrigation or hydrotherapy.

Lymphatic drainage – Most massages will help to stimulate the flow of lymph throughout the body, which will result in the efficient elimination of waste and toxins. Spa Experts recommend a lymphatic drainage treatment that uses very light strokes that will boost metabolism and aid weight loss.

Hot treatments – Hot spa treatments will open pores and help the body release toxins while burning calories. Look at spa treatments that offer a sauna or a steam room session after your treatment.

Electric muscle stimulation – This form of treatment uses electrical currents or lasers to break down fat. Such treatments are best for clients who have lost weight but cannot lose weight in particular areas.