How to treat symptoms of bloating

This post is written by Coleanse. More Americans suffer from gas and bloating due to poor diet and other reasons and use of a gentle colon cleanser such as Coleanse Diet can bring effective relief.

Gas and bloating are common occurrences that many complain most. They come in many forms including feeling of a bulging tummy, passing too much gas and constipation. For medical professionals bloating is the presence of gas that is trapped in the abdomen. It can be triggered by consuming large amounts of carbohydrates, constipation, Celiac disease, acid reflux or dyspepsia, or even due to excess abdominal fat. In order to determine what causes bloating, a medical professional may ask you to keep a journal of food you eat for few days and snacks, fluid intake and symptoms of your bloating feelings. For many a gentle colon cleanser to remove toxins, parasites and bacteria from the digestive tract bring relief from bloating. Make sure to use a colon cleanser supplement that is made of all natural ingredients not only to get a good cleanse but also to avoid cramping and other situations associated with colon cleansing. Coleanse Diet contains natural ingredients including Cape aloe, Bentonite clay, Chinese Rhubarb, flax seeds, Senna, many barks and others that are proven cleansing agents.