How to Help Improve Recovery Time after Cosmetic Surgery

After cosmetic surgery, depending on the type of surgical procedure you opt for, there are a variety of ways that you can improve the healing process. This guide from Dr. Jan Zemplenyi will show you some of the more common ways to approach the healing process without placing you in a position of pain and infection.


After an invasive procedure, you’re not going to walk straight out of the hospital all bandaged up. Facilities like the Bel Red Center for Aesthetic Surgery will monitor patients for at least a couple hours, to a few days, to ensure that your vitals aren’t fluctuating and you aren’t at risk for any cardiac issues. This is a mandatory process that you’re unlikely to get out of.

Healing at Home

During the first week, it’s important to remember not to overwork your body or perform any strenuous activity. Remember, you’re walking around with an open wound that’s bound to burst if you push yourself too hard. Although it might seem tempting to just lay down the entire day, it’s also integral that you stand up and walk around the house a bit just to get your circulation going. But, don’t mistake this for getting the green light to start doing chores or going out and running errands. At any time, you could put enough pressure on your body to tear open the wound, which will obviously put you back into the hospital. Always be mindful that you need to pay close attention to the wound itself. Always make sure it’s cleaned and disinfected to avoid any infection as it can become extremely serious.