How to get the most health benefit from your seat cushioning

The right seat cushion can make sitting in your living or dining room comfortable as you can sit with your feet on the ground with your hips rotated slightly towards the back. If you find that your couch foam is sagging, discolored, or uncomfortable, it may be time to consider replacing your foam.

Consider the following health benefits which the correct foam seating can offer you.

Support – Most often seat cushions will support your tailbone and pelvis. Some couches also offer lumbar support which can help those with lower back pain to maintain posture and avoid slumping. The length of your seat also plays an important role as it lets you sit without compromising back support.

Material – Good quality foam is key to creating a living or dining space that is comfortable. Foam seating is known for its durability and it can be cleaned to reduce dust, mold, and mildew, reducing allergens in your home.

When choosing the correct sofa, sectional, or dining room chair, always sit in the chair with your legs flat on the ground, assess the level of back and seating support offered including the ease of sitting in and getting off the seat.

The Foam Factory offers a wide range of foam varieties online with additional details to help you select the best foam for your purpose. Their custom cut foam is durable, comfortable, and comes in a variety of thicknesses to make your furniture comfortable.