Green Tea and Risk of Breast and Other Cancers

Article written by Cellan Diet Pills.

New research into cancer prevention and impact of green tea use reveals that it may have some positive influence. Countries such as Japan and China where green tea has been used for centuries and the use is widespread, rate of cancer is low compared to other nations with less green tea consumption. Researchers believe that polyphenols contained in green tea actually helps to prevent cancer. A group of women with breast cancer and who drank green tea had a less spread compared to the non-tea drinking control group. They also found that those who are with early stages of breast cancer managed to stop recurrence after drinking five cups of green tea a day. All research into the matter is not this positive. Some suggest no impact on reducing the risk of breast cancer. But the same study finds that women under the age of 50 and drank three or more cups of green tea a day shown less likely to develop breast cancer. This is one reason why Cellan contains green tea extract as one of its major ingredient.

Research prove that polyphenols in green tea helps to prevent breast and certain other cancers in women. This is why Cellan Diet is using 100 percent green tea extract as one of its main ingredients.