5 Enjoyable Anti-Aging Foods

While there are surgical options that can aid anti-aging, the simplest approach includes a healthy diet and regular exercise.

However, there is no doubt that foods possess particular qualities that will boost your energy, make your skin glow but also fight disease as well.

That said, here are 5 anti-aging foods that are enjoyable as well:

#1: Pistachios

Not only are these nuts excellent nutrition-wise but they also have a hidden benefit: they come in a shell. In fact, a recent study revealed that those who consumed in-shell nuts had 41 percent lower calories than those who ate nuts that were shelled.

#2: Greek yoghurt

Why this type of yoghurt is better is because it contains twice the protein and half the sugar and less lactose as in regular yoghurt. Certain types of Greek yoghurt also have probiotics and which can improve gut health.

#3: Oats

A number of Americans are known to not eat fiber. This food will ensure that you get your daily requirement. Apart from that, it tends to be filling, so it can prevent weight gain in the process.

#4: Whey protein

Muscle decline occurs at the rate of 1% a year. This is linked to a number of consequences such as the loss of coordination, balance and the reduction of our metabolic rates. For this, strength training along with whey protein can work miracles.

#5: Coffee

The only reason why coffee gets a bad rap is the sugar and cream. Apart from that, it is known to lower the risk with Parkinson’s disease and Type 2 diabetes. You are less likely to die from heart disease too.