3 Unconventional Sources of Protein

It’s common knowledge now that if you are trying to lose weight, a diet rich in protein should support your workouts.

In fact, it is recommended that one’s diet contain at least 10 to 35 percent of protein from a number of sources.

Speaking of which, here are 3 unconventional sources that one get their daily recommended limit of protein:

#1: Tofu

An excellent alternative to egg scramble is tofu scramble too. Just two slices of tofu offers about eight grams of protein. One way to enjoy a healthy meal is by sauteing raw or cooked vegetables and to which you can add a block of tofu. Much like preparing scrambled eggs, preparing this one is just as quick too.

#2: Seeds

Seeds make for an excellent snack that is both well-balanced and nutritious. Some of the nutrients that you can obtain from these seeds are antioxidants, carbohydrates and protein.

One prominent example includes Chia seeds which are not only rich in fiber but also omega-3 fatty acids – an option that is an excellent choice for breakfast.

#3: Pasta

Pastas are not usually known for their protein content but the 100 percent whole-grain varieties tend to contain a substantial amount of protein as well as B vitamins and fiber. If you’d like to avoid meat, then you can pick one of these types of pasta as a result. One way by you which you can spruce it up is by adding black beans and lentils to the pasta as well.