Understanding the LASIK Recovery Process

After you undergo LASIK treatment there will be a period when you will not be able to use your eyes. There are some simple tips you can follow to have a smooth and speedy recovery after your surgery.

Food Preparation

During the LASIK surgery, an advanced machine will create a flap in your cornea and then reshape it. Although this process has been developed to not cause any serious pain or discomfort for the patient, you can expect to experience sensitivity to light and blurry vision. After you heal, you will not need to wear bausch and lomb contacts or your standard pair of prescription eyeglasses. Your vision will naturally be sharp after the healing process has been completed.

When you are recovering from this surgery there are a number of things you will not be able to do. If you are someone who enjoys cooking your own meals or regularly going out for food, you will need to be prepared to take a break from both of these activities. Get ready before the procedure by preparing meals. Separating meals into containers or buying microwavable foods can be incredibly helpful.


Since you will not be able to move around much throughout the healing process that will follow your LASIK surgery, you should think of things you can do to be entertained. Apart from slight eye irritation, you should not experience any other sort of physical discomfort or need to buy Lens.com lenses. Finding some music, podcasts, and audiobooks you can listen to while you are rest can be a fun and productive way to pass the time.