Ready for a Nice Vacation?

Money, money, money! This is one of the main reasons why couples argue and fight, and when the differences become “irreconcilable,” the couple can face marital breakdown. In fact, finances are a hot topic for couples undergoing marriage counseling. Especially in today’s challenging economic times, couples face strained married relationships due to concerns about saving, finances, keeping a job and investing.

Money and how the family’s finances are handled can be a source of arguments and bitter disagreements. The problem with money is that based on your upbringing, personal experiences and personality, it can mean a lot of different things. Money can be viewed as a source of enjoyment, security, love, control or power. That is why two people (who have different backgrounds and personalities) living together “as one” will eventually have to tackle money problems.

One way to help alleviate all this stress is to get away and take a nice, relaxing vacation. Since money is an issue, look for vacations that are fun but inexpensive. Some couple rent recreational vehicles or RVs. You can cruise down the highway, laugh and talk and visit exciting locales such as Disneyland or the Grand Canyon.

Renting an RV doesn’t have to be expensive. Look for older models that are not in high demand. Yes, you may have to fix it up to make it more comfortable but you’ll save lots of cash. You can replace seat cushions and RV bedding by simply buying new foam online.

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