Losing abdominal fat could improve your health

Guest post is provided by Cellan Diet. Abdominal fat leads to poor health and related diseases and Vitamin C is proven to help lose belly fat and Cellan contains it as one of its main ingredients.

Obesity is an epidemic that needs to be dealt with serious efforts. Obese and overweight are prone to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and stroke. Most obese people carry fat in the belly area and recent studies show that Vitamin C can reduce stomach fat considerably. Abdominal fat can be found underneath the skin as well as in the organs such as kidney and intestine. This inner fat is more harmful than the other and is known as visceral fat. They can cause severe medical issues including heart related issues, stroke and cancer. People with low levels of Vitamin C tend to carry more abdominal fat. Vitamin C helps to produce molecules used in oxidation of fatty tissue. Vitamin C helps to use fat already stored in your tissue and improve your metabolism. Low levels of Vitamin C causes the opposite, accumulating more fat especially around the abdomen. This is why Cellan Diet Pills contain Vitamin C as one of its main ingredients to improve your metabolism and burn excess abdominal fat.