Leptin, a key ingredient in weight control

Guest post is provided by Cellan Diet Pills. Well-known hormone, leptin made in your fat tissue helps to control appetite results weight loss. Cellan Pills contains 100 percent green tea extract, a key ingredient directly tied to creating leptin level in your body.

Discovered in 1950s, leptin that helps to control appetite is a key ingredient in weight control. It is not directly involved with weight gain or loss but aided by the brain it helps to send signals to your brain telling it to control eating mainly your appetite. Regulating your food intake is one way to keep your weight under control. Weight is a big problem for many and losing weight takes will power and requires hard work. Leptin helps to break the cycle and communicate with the brain resulting in controlling appetite. Leptin hormone is mainly occurs in your fat tissue and EGCG found in abundance in green tea has been linked to producing and maintaining leptin levels. This is why many supplements including Cellan Diet Pills contain green tea extract. This product contains 100 percent green tea extract making it one of the major products for weight loss through appetite control. Along with other proven and well-known ingredients this supplement helps to control your appetite.