Learn from Create Abundance, the The Teachings of Zhang Xinyue 创造丰盛

Unity is power


This is a section from the book “Create Abundance” by Zhang Xinyue 创造丰盛 that discusses how humans possess infinite strengths.

Understanding infinite energy

If you’ve never had a sense of union with others, this topic may be hard to understand. If people employ their own logic and consciousness to this issue, they will never grasp this issue. Because our brains often depend upon a strong sense of self-existence. Once you couple that with the restrictions of our physical bodies, this sense of isolation becomes even stronger.

Infinite Abundance

When we examine holographic cosmology, we find that we are nonpareil beings with infinite strengths. We have the power to create the good things in life that we hope to have. Our natural state of being is infinitely abundant. We are not isolated helpless individuals on earth. Instead, we are closely interlinked with the cosmic energy. This is what we need for growth as humans. This energy is infinite across the universe.

So often, we feel tiny and helpless like the ant. But we are not. We have power deep within us. We simply don’t know how to excess that power. And yet, in spite of these truths, we see that the universe is vast and unknowable, and the human being is only one small part of its existence.

The cosmos is far larger than a human being. But in your reality, you may think of yourself as small. Though in some regards this is true, humans have great power within themselves to create incredible realities. Once we understand, we can create the abundant reality we desire.

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