Increase your metabolic rate with EGCG

Article written by Cellan.

Improved metabolism is the key to burning fat in your body. What if I tell you that there is an ingredient contained in an all-natural tea that can deliver just that? Green tea has been used in China and many other parts of the world for centuries. Unknown to them is its power to increase the metabolism. Researchers now thinks that this is possible due to a polyphenol that they call EGCG (epigallocatechin 3-gallate) found in green tea. In a study conducted in France researchers found that using 90 mg of EGCG while resting helped to increase the metabolic rate by four percent.

Not just improved metabolism, EGCG also helps to control appetite, according to recent research. They think that EGCG works through the hormonal system delivering an appetite control. An obvious result of improved metabolism and appetite control is weight loss. This is why Cellan Pills contain 100 percent green tea extract as one of its main ingredients.

Recent research find that EGCG in green tea linked to improved metabolism and appetite control. The obvious result is weight loss that many want to achieve and this is why Cellan Diet contains 100 percent green tea extract.