How to Overcome the Biggest Obstacles to Weight Loss

Written by: Blender Babes

Everyone trying to lose weight has different motivators, and there are plenty to go around. Losing weight can lead to better sleep, a healthier lifestyle, attractiveness, confidence, or have profound effects on existing medical conditions like diabetes. All of those motivators are great to keep in mind, but when you hit the big hurdles you need to prepare yourself for how to deal with them. Make a commitment to yourself for a healthier lifestyle and read on.


One of the biggest reasons people quit a diet is because they are so restrictive! Crash diets are known for being tight fisted with ingredients, and have the negative stereotype of being bad tasting. How many of you think about boiled chicken, beans and broccoli when you think about healthy food? Healthy smoothie recipes are a great way to get out of that funk and into something that tastes great. Smoothies can be loaded with nutrients from veggies too, so you’re getting the same healthy stuff in a different form.


A Vitamix blender has automated settings to make your own yogurt, ice cream or pulverize nuts. That means you can make dough for cakes, or create your own desserts from scratch. Even if you don’t utilize supplements, cutting the preservatives and junk food out of your diet will help promote weight loss. Deeper, wider or more compact containers also mean you can store your pre-made foods for days or weeks before you eat it. Dough and powders can be stored even longer.


A detox diet might add to your grocery bill a bit, but it doesn’t have to hamper your lifestyle. The right kitchen gadgets will serve to cut that time down significantly. Some people even see their bills decrease as they shift away from a meat heavy diet. Meat can be good for our bodies, which need protein and iron, but too much meat is costly and bad for us. Meat adds cholesterol and other fats that can cause long term harm if we consume too much too frequently.

Blenders can also cost a lot, especially if you want a high quality unit, but the price tag is worth it if you’re willing to change your lifestyle. What blenders cost in dollars, they make up for in hours saved around the kitchen. You’ll find yourself cooking more at home, enjoying what you eat, and eating a diverse and healthy diet.
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