How to Deal with Tinnitus

Hearing loss is common as people get older. However, we may have hearing problems earlier in life. This can be a source of concern. It’s tough to figure out why this occurs, and the symptoms can be worrisome. Perhaps you’ve recently been aware of phantom sounds in your ears, such as ringing or buzzing. This is known as tinnitus.

The first step is to establish a list of any recent life changes. The answer usually lies there. Ask yourself these 7 important questions:

Have you recently been hit in the head or ear?

Have you been exposed to any loud noises recently, such as fireworks, explosions, or gunshots?

Have you lately begun taking a new medicine or increased the dosage of an existing one?

Have you started using a vitamin supplement recently? Remember that vitamin supplements can interact with your regular medications and cause problems.

Does your work or hobby involve loud noises?

Have you started a new workout or jogging routine?

Have you start a new diet or eating plan?

Tinnitus may affect 8 out 10 adults during their lifetime and usually, this condition is temporary. If you can locate the source, then eliminate it and tinnitus will go away.

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