How to allergy-proof your RV?

Blog provided by The Foam Factory

If you’re a camper or love exploring, an RV can be the ideal investment. Not only is owning an RV affordable in the long run, but it also means that you have the freedom to travel almost anywhere at any time.

Maintaining an RV, however, is not cheap. This means regular maintenance is essential to reduce costly repairs. One issue most RV owners face is leaks. Leaks are the most common cause of rust, mold, and dust mites in an RV. Allergens in an RV can make traveling hassle some and uncomfortable, especially if your symptoms are severe.

Here are some regular maintenance tips that can reduce allergens in your RV:

Fix leaks as soon as you see them – If you notice dampness, especially in areas that are close to your RV bedding, you should see a professional to fix your leak as soon as possible. Once the leak is repaired, wash and dry your bedding to make sure that it is completely dry. Changing your RV bedding every 5 years including your pillows is a good practice. New bedding will not only offer better support, but it will remove all traces of dust mites, mold, and mildew.

Vacuum and clean surfaces – RVs like any living space will need to be cleaned often. Start by cleaning all surfaces with a microfiber cloth followed by vacuuming with a vacuum that is fitted with a HEPA filter.

Curtaining and rugs – Washing your curtaining every few months will reduce dust. Blinds however are a better option as they will only require vacuuming every few weeks. Carpets can also collect dust and will need to be dusted and washed in hot water to remove any traces of dust and mildew.

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