Have You Had Bad Dental Care? Know Your Rights!

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Going to the dentist can be stressful, especially if you have infected gums or an impacted wisdom tooth. But the dentist can usually get everything repaired and send you home with the right medications to get well. Most of us never believe we’ll be hurt by a careless dentist or dental hygienist.

Though some dental procedures are fairly simple, there are others that require special training. For instance, dental implants are very popular these days but not every dentist is trained in the correct way to deliver this service. A number of patients have reported injuries during dental implant surgery or extractions.

Real Dental Malpractice Cases

Case#1: A homemaker went in to have dental implant surgery performed. The Inferior Alveolar nerve was severed during the procedure. The homemaker won her case and received a confidential settlement.

Case#2: Patient went in for a tooth extraction. The dentist administered 5 carpules of local anesthesia, which was too high a dosage for this patient. The patient had listed hypertension and a congestive heart condition on his medical history. After the 5 carpules of anesthesia were given, the patient began having trouble breathing. Eventually, he became semi-conscious and then went into cardiac arrest. The family of the deceased received a $300,000 settlement.

If you’ve been injured by a dentist, you have a right to compensation for your pain and suffering. Contact a dental malpractice attorney California right away. Let them know the details of your case. A California dental malpractice attorney can offer sound dental malpractice information.

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