4 Popular But Controversial Health Figures

Just because you think you are doing well when it comes to helping others become healthier, that doesn’t mean everyone will agree with your methods.

It’s not uncommon for popular personalities in the world of health to rub others the wrong.

Here are 4 of these popular and controversial health figures:

#1: Jamie Oliver

No one has done as much for the cause of childhood obesity as than Jamie Oliver himself. Launching the “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution”was done for the purpose of changing the way schools offer food to children. However, comments that suggest that women withhold sex from their husband until they learn to cook has caused controversy in Britain.

#2: Mark Haub

Creator of “The Twinkie Diet”, this professor from Kansas State University offered evidence that proved that a calorie is a calorie. He did this by eating junk food for 10 weeks and lost 27 pounds in the process.

#3: Dr. Oz

Dr. Mehmet Oz is known to be Oprah’s physician and in more ways than one, “America’s doctor”. Being a cardiac surgeon, he also hosts the “Dr. Oz Show”. Yet despite his popularity, he has recently come under fire for making inaccurate claims while promoting pharmaceutical companies linked to his business ventures.

#4: Tony Horton

This former Hollywood actor created one of the most popular at-home fitness workouts called the P90X diet and training series that sold millions of DVDs. It’s clear that he has gained a cult-like following for helping a number of men and women get the bodies they want. However, the problem isn’t with its effectiveness but with the explanation behind why it works – called ‘muscle confusion’.