3 Tips That Will Help You Slim Down (and Trim Belly Fat)

Focusing on your stomach, if you want to slim down, is hardly the way to go. In fact, the answer is losing weight throughout your entire body.

So, when your body loses weight, your waist will also lose weight in the process. It’s as simple as that.

That said, the speed at which this takes place depends on genetics but these 3 tips should definitely help you with the process:

#1: High-intensity interval training

Experts believe that 300 minutes of cardio will begin the process of losing weight. However, you can take a notch higher by performing high intensity interval training (HIIT). Not only will this reduce body fat but will also speed up the process too. In HIIT, you will switch between moderate and vigorous cardio activity at regular intervals.

#2: Intense strength training

Strength training works not only to build muscle but also boost your resting metabolism and which, in turn, helps you to burn calories even when you aren’t working out. Since muscle takes up less space, this will help you lose weight.

But that’s not all – if you minimize the rest period between sets, you can make your workout far more effective, in terms of muscle building as well as calorie burning. These type of workouts are called circuit training workouts.

#3: Changing your diet completely

The best way to make your workout program work for you is to reduce the number of calories you consume, in terms of food. Think about eating smaller portions but also switching to healthier snacks such as popcorn and frozen yoghurt from ice cream or cookies.